Our Difference

Supercat Tulsa Graphic Design & Web Design has three things we do differently than any other graphic design firm out there. We are determined to be the best option available to you, and to offer quality design services at a price that is reasonable and in a timeframe that outpaces all of our competitors! Below are the three things that we do differently.

The 50% Promise

We started this company to get good design to good businesses! If you want a beautiful website, you should be able to get it! Other design firms are often way overpriced and the designers want to do things their way. They require 100 meetings, and some of them charge upwards of $10,000. Our promise to you, is to always charge half or less than what they charge. Show us a quote, and we will bring the price of their product down by 50%! Don’t believe it. Just try us?

30 Day Websites

We do graphic and web design fast! Other companies are going to take forever to get the final product into your hands. Some of them take 4 months to get you your final product, and then, when you get it, you can’t even edit it because they have put it together in a way that only they can edit it. We promise lightning fast turnaround times with just a few calls to check in and work out the details. We make sure our systems aren’t complicated so you can get what you need when you need it! You will have your branding or website well within the promised 42 days. We average 30 days, and are always trying to beat our own records! We also use a content management system so that if you want us to turn the website over to you to do edits, you can actually do the edits… or not, because we can do that too! We offer monthly services where we do all of your graphic design, and you don’t have to worry about paying an on-staff designer or an expensive agency.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our work! If you are worried about how your website or other designed product will turn out, you can pay half up front, and half upon completion of the project. If you are not 100% satisfied with the final product, we will waive the second payment. That’s how confident we are that you will love our work!

Our Story

Once in the entrepreneurial city of Tulsa, OK, there was a very normal person named Kat. She drove a normal car. She went to a normal college. She got a normal job as a graphic designer. Everything was very normal until one fateful day, Kat the graphic designer was bitten by the Super Radioactive Entreprenuership Bug, and everything changed! Kat became Supercat, and she developed a real passion for beautiful branding, websites, and other super graphic design. She began to fight to protect the people of America from Supervillians like Bad Design and Overpriced Websites! Kat opened Supercat Design & Web in her and her husband’s tiny house in Midtown, Tulsa. Eyes to the screen every day, she built a business around offering great graphic design, fast turnaround times, and excellent value for the price of her sites. Her goal was to make great design accesible to anyone who wanted or needed it. Now, the original Supercat and her team of heroes work for you. They find the best graphic design solutions for you so that you can effectively grow your business without having to deal with unreasonable agency prices or flakey freelancers.

Our Location

Supercat Design & Web

4112 East 36th Street
Tulsa, OK 74135

(918) 894-0888

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Want to ask us a question. Need a quote? Want to have a conversation about the estimated velocity of an unladen african swallow? Give us a shout! We love to hear from our fans, clients, and future heroes!

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