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In a crowded and agressive market, Supercat offers the graphic design that you need quickly, and at half the price of the competition! Find out how we can make your business SUPER!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We charge half of the project price up front and half upon completion. We’re so confident in our graphic design work that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay the second half!


The Supercat Difference

We don’t just guarantee our work. We make great graphic design more accessible to you by offering websites at half the cost and up to four times the speed of other agencies.

Our Super Satisfied Clients

Supercat Design & Web was fast, friendly and very helpful with questions I had during my website building process. Kat’s designs are clean, professional and fun. I loved the look of my website when I was showed how it looked.

Matthew Ferguson
M. Thomas Comics

Kat is an extremely talented designer and it is so easy to work with her. Every time we work on a project together, the outcome is magnificent!

Sharita Bent

Kathleen & Adam did our company’s branding and did a tremendous job. If you’re looking for competitive rates and excellent attention to detail then (Supercat Design & Web) is the design company for you!

Lance McKinnon

Working with Supercat was a fantastic experience. They keep you in the design process by grasping your vision, executing it promptly, and giving you a design that you are pleased to show your clients.

Leah Ferguson
M. Thomas Comics

Graphic Design

Who says it can’t be fast, inexpensive, AND great? Our Graphic Designers are the best of the best. We deliver fast results and high quality flyers, business cards, and more that you will be proud to show your customers.

Web Design

Our Web Designers understand the user experience like no one else. We will have our graphic designers and developers create a beautiful website that will drive more customers to your business.

Be a Member

We offer membership packages that can be customized to your businesses needs. They start at just $99/month and are just $1 for the first month of graphic design! Let’s make your marketing SUPER!

See the Difference

Because we do amazing graphic design, our websites are beautiful! You can already see that. But how do we stand up to the competition in terms of speed and value? We offer super speeds that outpace anyone, value that benefits you, and a content management system solution that offers our customers the option of picking up where we left off… or not, because we do that too!

Supercat Design
$39.55 per month
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  • $1.5k to $3.5k
  • 21-42 Day Turnaround
  • CMS Available
Acrobat Ant
$09.55 per month
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  • $10k to $15k
  • 90 Day Turnaround
  • No CMS
Hampton Creative
$09.55 per month
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  • $7.5k to $10k
  • 120 Day Turnaround
  • No CMS
Byers Creative
$29.55 per month
Aliquam euismod erat libero, eu condimentum nisl hendrerit vel. Ut sit amet congue lectus.
  • $2k to $4k
  • 30-60 days
  • No CMS

Our Services



We offer logos separate from branding packages if that’s all you need!


People are going to your website to look at your business. Are you puttion your best foot forward?

Business Cards

Do you have a beautiful and professional business card to hand people with confidence?


Every business needs a professional letterhead that helps them cement their good reputation


No letter is complete without a matching envelope. Make your letters stand out from the crowd.


Whether you need it for an event or just for your front desk, a beautiful brochure is a must for every business!

Print Ads

Print advertising is costly, especially when it looks bad and doesn’t generate response. We can make it beautiful!

Web Ads

Web advertising works! So get some ads designed that look amazing and generate leads.


Email marketing is so much more important now than it ever was. So make your emails pop!

Social Media

Everyone is connected… Including your business! Make your facebook and twitter look more professional and branded.


Got a great book that doesn’t look so great? We can do the layout and cover design for you.


Need a t-shirt or a hat? What about a coffee mug or a tumbler. We can work with you to design all your business swag.

Is Graphic Design Really Important?

In short, yes! Your branding and website especially are the first impressions that you leave with your customers. Bad design and user experience are the supervillains of your marketing efforts. They can effectively drive customers away from your site, and, ultimately, your business.


Color can increase brand recognition by 80% according to Bop Design.


90% of customers will view your site on a mobile device according to


According to Stanford research, 75% of users admit that they judge a companies credibility by their website design.


According to a health website study, 94% of users first impressions are based on the design of the site.

Our Work

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Tip Top K9

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Royal Landscapes

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